• Seamless migration. BBD service begins with seamless migration to our network.
    • First invoice call. Our service continues with a first invoice call, where we show our clients where all of our proposed savings have come to fruition, exactly as promised. We also use the first invoice call as an opportunity to show our clients that their BBD invoice comes with no complicated discounts, no confusion, and no PhD in phone bills required. BBD invoices can be read and reconciled for accuracy literally within 60 seconds each month. Can you say the same about your current carrier’s invoice?
    • Quarterly review. BBD support representatives also execute a quarterly review process, which consists of a proactive call each quarter to ensure our clients’ total satisfaction with every aspect of the service we provide, including price. Does your current carrier check in each quarter to make sure you are satisfied with their service and the price you pay?
    • 24/7 technical support. BBD counts some of the largest enterprise customers worldwide as customers and as a result, our technicians must be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. With most carriers, front line support consists of call center representatives, who simply open the ticket with carrier NOC technicians. From this point, most customers are left to rely upon faith that the carrier technicians are actually working the ticket, with it being the customer’s responsibility to call in for updates. This call usually consists of waiting in a queue, reexplaining your issue each time; and receiving updates from a non-technical, call center rep simply relaying any status updates posted in the carrier’s ticket system. BBD’s technical support is very different, with 10+ year industry tenured technicians serving as our clients’ very first point of contact. It is commonplace for our front line technicians to solve a customer’s issue, prior to even engaging a NOC technician, but if a NOC tech is required, our front line techs can engage them with a customer within moments. Our technical support protocol also consists of proactive calls to our clients every 15 minutes with status updates (on longer lasting issues), which prevents our clients from ever having to wait in a queue to obtain status, or being left to wonder if their issue is even being worked. BBD clients typically have buildings full of people on the telephone, which means that even minutes of technical issues can result in huge revenue losses. BBD’s technical support protocols and our experienced support staff members executing these protocols result in faster time to resolution for BBD clients than other carriers can provide.