SD-WAN, MPLS and Dedicated Internet

Broadband Dynamics (“BBD”) provides both Private and Public connectivity options:


SD-WAN solutions optimize performance, redundancy and reliability across multiple Internet/MPLS circuits.

MPLS – Private connectivity 

BBD MPLS solutions provides our customers with a fully private, dedicated connectivity between their sites and BBD network POPs located in geographically diverse locations across North America.  Most carriers connect their clients to a single network POP, which introduces a single point of failure at the carrier network level.  BBD’s design enables our clients to connect to multiple POPs using a single connection, allowing our clients to obtain “carrier network level” diversity inherent to our standard connectivity solutions and at no additional cost.

BBD can hand off its Private connectivity solutions as either traditional TDM T.1/PRI, or as native SIP, entirely based upon customer requirements.                                                                                                         

IP – Public Internet

Some BBD clients prefer to connect to the BBD network publicly and for these customers, BBD offers dedicated IP solutions via Tier 1 ISP networks.  This design provides the same ability for BBD’s clients to connect to multiple BBD POPs via a single connection, providing “carrier network level” redundancy, at no additional cost.  With Public IP, BBD clients can complete an exchange of IP address information and can be up and running on BBD’s voice network literally within minutes!

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