Are you interested in bringing your clients the highest quality, lowest cost solutions in the industry?
By becoming a strategic partner of Broadband Dynamics, you add a powerful club to your bag of product offerings!

Broadband recognizes how important an indirect sales channel is to the growth of a business and embraces strategic partners focused on developing long term relationships with clients, based upon mutual benefit.

Broadband Dynamics is not an “agent only” organization
Broadband Dynamics has been successful in growing its business via both direct and indirect channel sales. As a result, Broadband Dynamics understands what it takes to sell business in today’s competitive marketplace better than agent driven sales organizations that oftentimes lose touch with what it takes to be successful on the front line in today’s telecom industry.

Looking to sell rather than service?
Our commitment to our strategic partners is that from paperwork, to provisioning, to support your responsibility can be as hands off or as hands on as you wish.

The Broadband Dynamics provisioning staff ensures that our customers obtain a seamless transition from their existing provider.

The Broadband Dynamics support staff provides unparalleled support to our customers.

In the customer’s eyes, the Broadband Dynamics provisioning and support experience is always a positive reflection on our strategic partners!

Since Broadband Dynamics strategic partners do not have to spend their time and money on the provisioning and support of the customer, they have more time to drive revenue and grow their business!