Billing Efficiency

Billing efficiency is almost as important as the actual cost per minute to a typical call center client.

Broadband Dynamics customers obtain the most efficient billing in the industry!

Consider the following examples of how Broadband can improve your company’s billing efficiency:

      • Four digit billing versus penny rounding. All major network providers round their clients’ call to the nearest penny. Broadband rounds its calls to the fourth decimal place, thereby giving its customers as many as ten calls for the price of one!
        • Example:
          Assuming a cost per minute of $.025
          • AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.: 6 second call = $.01 per call
          • Broadband Dynamics: 6 second call = $.0025 per call
          • Broadband gives its client four calls for the price of one!
            *This is especially important for outbound call centers utilizing predictive or automated dialers.
      • Six second call minimum versus eighteen second call minimum. All major network providers will tell you they do six second billing. The important question to ask is, “What is my call minimum?” Most carriers bill in six second increments, but after an eighteen second call minimum, effectively charging their clients for time not actually spent on the phone. Broadband bills in six second increments, but with a six second call minimum, 66% less time than most carriers.
        • Example: 
          • AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.: Call minimum = .3 per call or 18 seconds billed minimum
          • Broadband Dynamics: Call minimum = .1 per call or 6 seconds billed minimum
          • Broadband bills its client 66% fewer minutes for these calls! Fewer minutes billed equates to lower cost!These simple billing nuances equate to hidden, yet major profit centers for the nation’s largest carriers. Broadband empowers its customers to take these dollars from the carriers and put them back into your business.