SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking provides a more efficient way to purchase voice lines, by enabling businesses to pay only for the quantity of lines they need based upon demand, in lieu of being stuck paying for traditional T.1 or DS3 TDM connections that may not be fully utilized.

Broadband Dynamics (“BBD”) offers best in class Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) service for high volume, commercial voice customers, including for Outbound PBX or Predictive Dialer traffic; Toll Free traffic, including Enhanced Toll Free features sets; and DID traffic.

SIP Trunking can provide your business with not only a more efficient and flexible method of purchasing voice lines, while typically far more cost effective than traditional TDM.   From the ability to eliminate legacy T.1 or DS3 TDM connections and monthly recurring charges, to the ability to reduce voice usage cost, the potential savings can be significant.

BBD is one of the largest SIP trunk providers / carriers in North America and, as a result, we are experts in SIP technology and its ability to help your business to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.  A member of our team would be pleased to review your business needs and discuss exactly how SIP Outbound, Toll Free or DID services from BBD could benefit your business!

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