Toll Free Voice

Broadband Dynamics (BBD) works with some of the largest inbound contact centers and Toll Free users in North America and worldwide.  BBD offers both traditional TDM Toll Free as well as SIP Toll Free services, so we can deliver the service based upon client requirements.

Toll Free service at BBD, is available with all of the most common Enhanced Features, including Percentage Call Allocation, Time of Day Routing, Take Back and Transfer, and automated or manual Call Forwarding options.

Broadband Dynamics Toll Free service is also available with BBD as client Resp Org, or with BBD serving as a complimentary carrier on a client’s current carrier Resp Org, or as a Toll Free carrier for clients who utilize their own Resp Org.

BBD’s “intelligent routing mix” for Toll Free service utilizes multiple Tier 1 carrier networks to provide our clients with redundancy at the downstream carrier network level.  This level of redundancy allows BBD to mitigate customer exposure to network issues that may occur on any individual carrier network.

Please let us know if you are interested in BBD’s Toll Free service or any of our innovative Toll Free solutions and we’d be pleased to have a BBD team member contact you to help you learn more.

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