Hosted Dialer

Hosted Dialer at Broadband Dynamics, is a fully managed, cloud based service offering that serves as a replacement to traditional premise based Predictive or Automated Dialing solutions.

By placing your Predictive Automated Dialer “in the cloud” with BBD, you can eliminate all requirement for dialer maintenance and support from your payroll.  BBD clients with multiple locations also eliminate the travel expense associated with dialer maintenance and support across locations.

BBD Hosted Dialer solutions also help our clients to increase “right party” contacts and can be instrumental in helping clients with compliance via “Do Not Call List” database matching and call blocking.

Benefits of using BBD Hosted Dialer:
– Outsource all dialer support
– Zero capex cost
– Instant setup time
– High scalability
– Geographic Redundancy/Disaster Recovery

Are you interested in learning more about BBD’s Hosted Dialer solutions? 

Let us know and we can complete a live demo for you upon request, or allow you to test our solutions firsthand on a risk free, trial basis!


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